The Clan of the brave and the bold


This is Moonstorm, one of the site's admins. I'm sad to say that is appears to be that this site has "died". I've already said my good-byes, but checking back here I see that a couple people have tried to join. I'm sorry you missed out, but I don't think the site will ever get up and running again. Again, sorry to the newcomers and old members of FlameClan.

Leafstar here. I would love this site to be active again, but sadly high school, theatre, sports, classes (ap homework is a killer) are a HUGE time commitment (and are year-round) and I'm sure any of our old admins are experiencing the same difficulties. I would gladly give this site to anyone who wants it, provided they have some experience in rp/ and or site building. I'm so glad I was able to create this website and meet all of you, this used to be my favorite part of the day, roleplaying with you all. I am on tumblr, follow me at musicalfandoms. As Moonstorm said, it is unlikely that this site will ever run again, but if you are interested in running this site, feel free to email me at milliecat14@gmail.com or message me on tumblr.

            Welcome to FlameClan!


Welcome to FlameClan! This is a rp site for experienced rpers only. Look around our camp, and if you are bold enough, join our clan. This is the clan of the clever and brave, WE ARE FLAMECLAN!!!!!

                                   This is FlameClan's history

The battle between the Clans and the Dark Forest went wrong.

Very wrong.

It all began a long time ago, there were four Clans in the forest, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan. Everything was peacefull for a while and then 3 ThunderClan cats noticed that something was wrong. They knew that cats from the Dark Forest were trying to create a battle between the Clans. They did everything they could to try and stop it, but the battle still came. There was blood on every cat, and many died. Soon there were only a couple of cats left from each Clan. They all lived apart from each other, even if they were in the same Clan before. But some cats didn't like living alone so they started forming two very small Clans. One Clan was SmokeClan and the other was RainClan. New kits were born and the Clans were growing strong again. But, since all the cats were from different Clans before these two, they all had many abilities, like ThunderClans hunting ability, WindClan ability to run faster then any other cat, RiverClans liking and ability to swim, and ShadowClans ability to somehow blend into the shadows and be sneakier than any other cat. Finally, after the hardships and suffering of the battle they grew soft, not practicing to go into battle again. Except for one cat in SmokeClan. He always practiced for battle and he was preparing another fight against RainClan. Later, after many moons of preparing, he told his Clan leader that he was going to declare battle on Rainclan whether his Clan was with him or not. His Clan leader said she would go with him and so would the rest of the Clan. That night, there was the battle, it was almost the same battle as the battle that broke the Clans apart. Again, hardly any cat survived and the cats that survived formed their own clan which they called SnowClan. They decided that they didn't want to live there, not with all the bad memories. So, they walked for many moons and after so long, they found the perfect place, here. After the long journey there was enough room for six Clans and many cats wanted to separate. So, they formed into six Clans, FlameClan, CloudClan, LeafClan, FrostClan, RippleClan and Fieldclan, the Clans that are in this forest now. Since we all decended from our ancesters, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan, we all inhearited their special ablities, and all the cats, in all the Clans are alike in some ways, whether we like it or not.

                                         Warrior Code

1: Every cat must defend his or her Clan, even at the cost of your life.

2: You cannot hunt on other Clan's territory. If a patrol catches you, they have the right to chase you off their land.

3: Kits and elders should be fed first, and, unless they have special permission, apprentices cannot eat until the elders have all been fed.

4: Prey is not killed for sport. You should not kill anything unless someone plans on eating it. You must also give StarClan thanks for its life.

5: Kits must be six moons old in order to become an apprentice.

6: New warriors must sit a silent vigil, and watch over the camp while the others sleep. They cannot say a word, and must sit outside no matter what the weather is like, reflecting on warrior responsibilities.

7: A Clan cat cannot become the deputy of their Clan without having mentored at least one apprentice.

8: Should the leader of a Clan die or retire, the deputy shall replace the leader.

9: If a deputy dies or retires, the leader must then choose a successor before moonhigh.

10: Once every full moon, the Clans must have a Gathering with each other. Also, there shall be no fighting among them during this time. And if they do fight, StarClan sends a cloud to cover the moon, showing they are angry.

11: The Clan boundaries must be checked and marked by patrols daily. Also, if a patrol finds a trespassing cat, they must chase him off of their territory. This is one of the most commonly broken rule, with many Clans crossing boundaries to catch prey.

12: No warrior can ever ignore a kit in pain or danger. This rule applies even if the kit is from a different Clan.

13: The word of a Clan leader is the Warrior Code.

14: An honorable cat does not kill in battle, unless the opposing cats are outside the Warrior Code, or if they have to kill in self-defense.

15: A warrior or apprentice must reject the soft life of a kittypet.

If you can not create an account for this site or have any other questions please contact us here. We can help you create an account if you really want to rp here, which we will be more than willing to help! (only the admin that helped you will know your account information, don't worry we don't go on your account.) If you have a question please ask us in this box.


Updated Pages

 Updated pages-

(4/30/13) Spring cleaning! So, since the site has a few inactive cats, we are redoing the who rp's who page so we know who our active members are. We are also enforcing the rp rule, if you don't rp a cat for 2 weeks, its getting deleted. Please also make sure you rp at least 3-5 times a week to keep us active. If you are unable to rp for a certain amount of time let us know in the admins den! So make sure you post your cat, all others will be deleted. I am going to advertise the site for the next week and see how many new members we can get. Also make sure to follow the plot ;o mention snow in your posts.  IF you are new here!!! Welcome! Please check out our site and if you are interested join at the page! This is a site for advanced rpers and we have active admins and active members. We are currently working on getting our site active again to restore it to its former glory :'D please help us out by joining and actively rping!

Check out our new DeviantArt page!!! We are looking for our websites lovely cats to draw and put up here! Let us know if you want a picture of your cat drawn in the admins den! If you have a deviantart, give us a watch! We love llamas too...(only deviants would understand..) 



*This is to be updated whenever a major edit/ addition is made to a page/ site.


Current Plot.

NEW! PLEASE READ OR FACE THE WRATH (yelling/ rulebreaking >:T ) Moonstorm and I thought this would make the clan more interesting...and less random, so not everyone is doing their own thing.

Current plot:

Its leafbare, the weather is cold and prey is scarce, but somethings different. There seems to be hardly any prey at all. With snow constantly on the ground and air so cold it chills your bones and your belly empty you realize, there is a famine.   

Ok so to go along with the plot basicaly, do not be happy all the time, you are hungry, losing your patience, feed the queens first (I didn't mention elders cause, well no one plays them. Give only to queens who seem active, they will feed the kits) Be thankful for prey you do receive (to queens) Do NOT catch prey every time, possibly none at all per huntimg trip. You can not eat unless you share, and even the best hunters can not focus well with hunger/ extreamly scarce prey.





Make sure you rp your cats! If you don't they will be added to the inactives list and eventually DELETED.

People who won't be able to rp for a while and won't be added as inactive

You have to rp atleast 2 times a week!!!!

Kitting is open but still ( and unless you have permission [it happens SOMETIMES naturally]) NO MORE LITTERS OF MORE THAN 3!!!!!!

Also, I would really, really, really appreciate it if you could help advertise Flame/Leaf/Frost/Rippleclan. If you want/can, here's our ad-

Name- Warrior Cats

Ad- [url=www.milliecat.webs.com] [color=orange] FlameClan- [/url] [b] The most active clan, welcomes other animals to roam our territory... .[/b] [color=violet] (medicine cat apprentice role open) [/color] [scroll] [color=orange] The clan of the clever and brave [/scroll] [/color] [url=www.leafclanwarriorkitties.webs.com] [color=green] LeafClan- [/url] [b] Our medicine cat just got murdered. More might die. Help us find out who killed her. Or our clan could be destroyed... [/b] [color=violet] (medicine cat, and deputy role open) [/color] [scroll] [color=green] The clan of the wise and bold [/scroll] [/color] [url=www.frostclanwarriorcats.webs.com] [color=cyan] FrostClan- [/url] [b] Our clan is one of the strongest. After all, none of the others have 3 owls that supply them with weapons and herbs for free. We have Rue, the snowy owl blacksmith, Prim the barn owl healer, and Kayla, the barn owl that was just made the blacksmiths apprentice. The foreign animals also roam our territory... And our mountain has secret tunnels that let others enter and leave when they please... [/b] [scroll] [color=cyan] The clan of the Proud and Mighty [/scroll] [/color] [url=www.rippleclancat.webs.com] [color=blue] RippleClan- [/url] [b] We live with the dolphins. The pirahnas. The oceans. And we share the mountains... We have the Twoleg factories by us. And they own [color=brown] dogs [/color] We need more warriors to survive. [/b] [color=violet] (medicine cat apprentice and deputy role open) [/color] [color=blue] [scroll] The clan of the courageous and wily [/scroll] [color=darkred] The adventure begins. Will you join us?

[color=darkblue] (Our clans also let you join as a different animal, and let you wander around the whole clan territory, if you get bored of cat rp, and we have the start of an amazing fanfic on the way!)



So this site is getting more and more inactive, it used to be a wonderful rp site with people rping every hour at its peak and now we have spirled into inactiveness. We are going to be a lot more strict on inactivity. So if your cat is not rped it will be deleted. Since we are going more inactive, if you are still around, PLEASE get our site out there!